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we're here for what's not.
One way to lower the cost of securing your home is by purchasing an alarm system more like a consumer product rather than a financed purchase while at the same time, avoiding credit checks and contract agreements. For example, our $199.00 installed system annually monitored for $150.00 will cost $649.00 over the same time span their $1,358.64 three year contract produces. After that, the savings is even greater.

Also, be aware that some contracts automatically renew for the original “full term” unless specific steps are taken to cancel ahead of time. The fine print on your contract could potentially obligate you to another two or 3 year term without your full knowledge, understanding or consent.

Another practice to be aware of is automatic Electronic Funds Transfers (ETFs) for paying monthly fees. It is easy to overlook rate-hikes on bank statements when loosing track of rate notices. It can really add up.

Our Success Model

There’s no credit check when you pay for alarm monitoring in advance which lowers our administrative costs. Although our low service and alarm monitoring rates attract new customers, our success is based upon retaining our customers. That means we have to be superior to our competitors when interfacing with our customers needs; “finally, a business model that ensures great customer service.”
How much does it really cost?
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A three year contract at $34.99 a month (including the $99.00 installation fee) can generate $1,358.64 for an alarm company which the customer is obligated by
contract to pay. Alarm signal connectivity besides hardwired phone lines involves additional costs and fees and in most cases, your actual credit score will determine your final costs.